In collaboration with the American Center Cairo, We gladly announce that registration is open for the 16th cycle of Maker Diploma!

Maker Diploma is a 2-month training program designed to empower people with the knowledge required to take ideas from concept to prototypes, where participants go through the principles and practices affiliated with the art of making using digital fabrication and embedded solutions to build their ideas and using hardware/software project management techniques to have faster iterations thus doing more in less time. We are adapting the horizontal approach in the diploma, thus the program was designed to offer the basics and fundamentals of different tracks, instead of going deep in one topic.

The Maker Diploma is the sum of several module from across the digital fabrication and the art of making which includes:

– Documentation
– Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Laser Cutting
– Electronics & Arduino Programming
– 3D Printing
– Final Project

You can check the syllabus from here:

Selection Criteria & Participation:
*Age Range: 16 : 40

*Full Commitment: The program requires at least 2-day commitment, Sunday for the weekly session at the ACC, and Wednesday for the hands-on session at Fab Lab Egypt.

*Skill Ranking: the priority will be for the more skillful applicants, according to a survey attached to the enrollment application.

*Final Project Idea: all the participants should submit a provisional idea for the final project to proof their willingness to work.

* Participants must deposit 500 EGP (totally refundable at the end of the program) to ensure commitment.

*Absence for two sessions or not delivering the final project and documentation on time or graduated less than 60% or not turned back materials used will be considered uncommitted, and deposit will not be refunded.

To apply:
* Fill out both: The online application and Enrollment Survey on

* Final Project Idea: All participants should submit a provisional idea for the final project to prove their willingness to work.

* You must be an ACC Member, and attend one of the general TechClub sessions at the ACC.

* Participants should have: *Basic Understanding of Electricity and Computers.

*Priority will be given to more skilled applicants based on the registration form and the Enrollment Survey
attached to the enrollment application.